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What is a Branding Manual and Why do I need one?

1. Define Your Brand

A branding manual defines your brand and tells others how to present it.

Use your branding manual to guide your company’s brand and its public perception of your company as a whole. It is not your logo, or your product, or your stellar customer service. So, if brand is public perception, how do I control what the public thinks of my company? That is a good question. There are lots of ways to guide brand perception. However, it takes a lot of research and planning. Use your brand manual with internal and external marketing, advertisers, graphic designers and printers. It tells people how your brand is to be presented and how it is not to be presented. 

It states the company’s mission and vision and goals. It defines your brand. It tells users which fonts to use for both print and web. It defines which colors to use and how to us them. It defines how to use your logo and not to use your logo. All these things are to keep your brand consistent across all platforms and sending a singular message that resonates with your prospective customer.

Before anything else, you must know who your customer is. What are their likes and dislikes, how old are they, male or female, income, education and what do they value? Knowing your prospective customer allows you to shape your brand to them. By aligning our values and goals to those of our customer we will create a successful brand.

For this limited example of a branding Manual we are using a fictional company named Sinsemilla. Sinsemilla means “without seeds”, and in this case refers to medical marijuana. Marijuana can be a controversial product so we must take care to position our product in the market. Since our product is intended for mature medical marijuana users, we must differentiate our products from the recreational marijauna of the 60s and 70s and present it as mature and sophisticated product that resonates to a mature and sophisticated consumer.

2. Tell Us What Your Brand is About



Public opinion about marijuana is shifting as it legal in the United Stages and many other countries around the world. Once associated with the illegal drug trade, stoners, and hippies it is not recognized as a medical necessity for many as it alleviates symptoms of pain, nausea, and anxiety.

Social consumption of cannabis is also legal in many states and Snsemilla, Corp. has a unique challenge to redefine marijuana use in a mature and dignified way. The look and feel of Sinsemilla is discrete, understated elegance.

Sinsemilla, Corp. believes in the beneficial use of marijuana and its marketing and advertising campaigns should reflect Sinsemilla, Corps promise of responsible advertising.

3. Tell us How to Use your Brand


Our values should be evident wherever Sinsemilla is encountered, whether on-line or via traditional marketing material. If we follow these guidelines consistently, the brand will grow strong enough to attract people encouraging them to look even more positively on the product itself.

A branding manual provides everything you need to create professional communications materials that will build the Sinsemilla brand. To help ensure the continued success of Sinsemilla, please use them.

4. Tell us About Your Logo

3PC Logo Elements for Sinsemilla brand

5. Tell us How to Use your Logo

Branding Manual Page showing Chart showing Clear Space for Logo

6. Tell us How Not to use your Logo

3rd Power Creative Branding Manual Logo Usage Chart

7. What Colors should we use?

Branding Manual page with Logo Guidelines Primary Colors
3PC Logo Elements for Sinsemilla brand

8. What Fonts should we use?

3rd Power Creative Branding Manual Primary Font page

9. How Should my Logo be used on Stationery?

3rd Power Creative - Branding Manual Logo Use on Stationery

10. Conclusion and Contact Information

The Sinsemilla brand embodies so much of what is important to the Sinsemilla team — we ask that you always refer to this manual when making decisions that affect the Sinsemilla brand.

Please contact our head of Marketing if you have any questions.

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11. Conclusion

Whether you use an 8 page Logo Guidelines booklet or a full 30 page Branding Manual, the intent is the same. Protect you brand and make sure it is used the way you intend it to be used across all media. At 3rd Power Creative a Logo Guideline booklet is complimentary with every logo we do. We don’t look good if our clients don’t look good. That makes it in our best interest to help our clients reach their goals.

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