Social Media Tips & Tricks: Photos that Pop

photos that pop magic wand
photos that pop photo-filter-chooser

Are you frustrated because your photos look dull and lack definition and color on Facebook? Here is one simple trick to make your photos pop and you don’t have to be a Photoshop genius to do it.

Open a photo on your phone. Click on “edit” in the upper right hand corner. Under your photo editing icons will appear. The word AUTO may appear over the first icon. Click the AUTO icon (magic wand) and violet! With very little effort your photo is now crisper and clearer.

For an even more VIVID photo select the icon, at the bottom of your photo, of the 3 overlapping circles. A string of your photos will show with each one being a bit different. The first photo will be the original and the 2nd photo will be the VIVID version. This one is particularly great for food shots.

There are many other photo editing tools on your phone. I urge you to play around with them and see what they can do. 1 idea is to brand all of your images the same. To do that select a filter to use on your photos. However you decided to brand your photos, make sure to brand all of your photos the same. Then your photos will be immediately recognizable as your companies branded photo and your followers will instinctively know that it is  you.

Wow your followers and attract new followers knowing you have photos that pop. You don’t have to be a Photoshop Genius to look like one!


Joy Bezanis

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