Social Media Strategy and Sharing the love

Social Media Strategy and Sharing the love

Like vs. Heart: Showing your appreciation for a post should be a part of your overall social media strategy.

Social Media Strategy is confusing at best, but you can do a few things to help out other businesses, which will get your business noticed on Facebook too. Facebook’s algorithms send out a posts to a small percent of your friends list.  Be seen by more people by doing one thing; click on the Heart reaction button instead of Like, and leave a comment.

Facebook assigns values to the actions users take in the News Feed, and adds up those values to determine how many people should see a post.  Facebook’s reaction buttons consist of 6 emojis. Users express themselves non-verbally by clicking on one of these emojis:  Like, Love, Ha-Ha, Wow, Sad and Angry.

By choosing Heart you help another business reach more of their followers, and when you make a comment on their post you reach their followers too. So what happens when you chose Like vs. Heart?

When you choose Like – that  person or business knows you like their post

Click on Heart Instead and Add a Comment
~ the recipient knows you love their post,
~ their post gets sent to more of their followers, who also see your comment,
~ when those people click on heart the post gets sent again to even more people on their followers list which means more people see your comment,
~ and so on,

The other emojis; Ha-ha, Wow, Sad & Angry are weighted the same as Heart so will also work. People will choose one of these reaction icons if you create posts that make them feel something. In a future blog I will talk in depth about how to create a stronger reaction than Like to your posts.

In the meantime, the more you include choosing Heart, or one of the other reaction emojis over Like, and commenting, as part of your overall Social Media Strategy  for other business, the more people your business will reach. Broader reach means more visibility and more visibility means more sales.

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