Social Media Marketing: Choosing the Right Image for Your Content

2 photos of blue metal water bottle

Social Media Marketing has increased the emphasis on the perfect set of images to tell the story of your business. Rather than one image used repeatedly, use several images that convey your message. Make them memorable and directly targeted to your audience. In other words, images need to be client specific rather than general in nature. 

Your images need to entertain, educate, engage and/or Inspire. Take the example of the water bottle images here. The photo of a single metal water bottle does nothing to show your audience that it is the “best” water bottle on the market. The remaining three images show what your prospective customers can do, how they will feel, and places they can go while using it. The images provide the viewer with the feeling that this particular water bottle is strong, reliable and can take them on any adventure! 

Be consistent when using images on social media. If you are selling your water bottles to young, adventurous millennials, then show millennials using the water bottle. Don’t show children or senior citizens at the park using your product. 

Once your visual identity has been established ask your followers to send in photos of themselves using your product. This is called visual identity consistency and that leads to a consistent marketing strategy.  Having a consistent marketing strategy increases brand awareness.

Posting relevant images on social media builds know, like and trust. When your prospective customers get to know your brand and start liking and trusting you as the expert then you will start to build sales. 

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Katie Stone

Katie is a graphic designer with a focus on illustration, Photoshop, and Social Media Marketing. She also is a wiz at website development. She graduated from the Art Institute in 2017 and does freelance work on the side. She is an Arizona native and lives on a farm where she tends to the animals.

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