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Social Media Images and How to Improve Them with these Six Simple Rules

A recent blog on 3rd Power Creatives website discussed the need for images (Social Media is an Image Friendly Marketing Tool) in your strategy to brand your business. Here we will discuss the ways to optimize images. These are basic, simple rules to produce the best images for social media.

1.  Better Images = Better Social Media:  Use better quality images in your posts and you will attract more views. This could be as easy as learning to use your smart phone to take better photos or use stock images. Stock images can be your saving grace or a pain in your side.  Remember that stock images can be used by everybody else on the web. Pick unique ones specific to your business and make sure they are not copyright protecte

2.  Images need Text:  Context is what gives meaning to the images we see. Text does not replace the need for a better image! Do not add too much text or use too many fonts. And don’t forget to caption your images because captioning them allows for the addition of context and information.

3.  Consistent Branding:  Brand everything you do with a consistent look and feel. If you don’t have a branding guide consider creating one. Your brand style can be modern and sleek or humorous and simple. Consistency is key when branding social media content and maintaining a consistent style allows your clients to recognize you at a glance, even before reading the headline.

4.  Be Different:  Don’t always center the image. Don’t always do what is expected! When the image is centered, it is like a bullseye and the viewer does not wander to other parts of the image.  Creating the focus in another part of the image allows the eye to see more of your branding. This rule does have its exceptions, like when you are showcasing an item.

When viewing social media people use their mobile device 51% of the time so images need to be mobile friendly. Just like for any social media image, keep it simple, clean and unique to your brand.

5. Make your Images Pop:  Make your images POP by using bright colors to catch the viewers attention. Follow #2 above, and for mobile,— think BIG letters to make them easier to read.

Also use contrasting or complimentary colors! This can be opposite colors like black and white or two colors on the opposite side of the color wheel like purple and yellow or blue and orange.  This will make your image stand out! For example, use a turquoise background color to grab attention and an orange call to action button. The contrasting colors will grab attention and leave no doubt as too what is expected of the viewer.

6.  Software Editing is your New Friend:  There are plenty of image editing software apps. Some are free and others are purchased on a subscription basis. Find one that works for you and take your images from plain to professional.

Using these simple rules can take your social media images from blah to WOW while engaging an ever-growing audience. Join 3rd Power Creatives for future blogs where we will discuss more ways to create great social media images.

Katie Stone

Katie is a graphic designer with a focus on illustration, Photoshop, and Social Media Marketing. She also is a wiz at website development. She graduated from the Art Institute in 2017 and does freelance work on the side. She is an Arizona native who grew up on a farm where she still helps her parents tend to the animals.

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