Selling Your Art on Social Media
Selling Your Art on Social Media

Selling Your Art on Social Media

Selling Your Art on Social Media has Never Been Easier

With a Facebook Shop you can sell right from your shop page. This is separate from your personal page or even your business page if you have one.

As an artist, selling your art on social media, you are now a business owner.  About 40% of your time should be devoted to the running of your art business. Setting up your social media accounts and keeping them updated will help your business grow. 

A Facebook Shop Page couldn’t be easier when you follow the instructions that are provided by Facebook. Be sure to add a great cover photo for your shop and your headshot or logo in the photo area.  Completely fill out all of your profile information so that the web spiders (algorithms) can find your shop.

Be sure to invite all of your followers of your personal and business pages to like and/or follow your shop page. 

Post Professional Quality Photos

You can get professional quality photos using the editing features on your cell phone.

Post good quality photos of your work on a regular basis. Every time I finish a new painting I post it on my Shop Page. Regular posting keeps you in the minds of your followers and establishes you as the go-to artist when they need artwork.

Don’t forget to open and Instagram account for your shop page. You can cross post from your shop page to your Instagram page making selling that much easier.

Add descriptions and hashtag other related accounts: #oilpaintings #portraiture #paintings for example.

Learn and master social media, SEO, yes you need to know SEO. SEO all blog post, all social media posters. 

Gallery Shows

painting of carrot Once you have built up an inventory of work you are ready to start shopping for a gallery show.

From shows in alternative venues like coffee shops and restaurants to big gallery shows there are plenty of places to show your work. 

First call venue and ask how they prefer to be solicited. Each venue will have different ways in which they like to view work from new artists. Follow their instructions to the letter. Because they get a lot of submissions they have likely refined a set of procedures that works best for them. You want to make the process as easy for them as possible.

You have Probably Heard this Before, and it is Still True.

Video captures attention like no other platform. From live chats to full on instruction videos the options are endless. They don’t have to be great production value either, people will forgive poor production quality if you provide great content.

Open a YouTube channel to post your videos. Then all you have to do is post the video link to share to your other social media.  

Learn proper settings and formats for each social media platform. Facebook is horizontal and Instagram is square for example. Create content that fits both. 

Remember that most people watch Facebook with the sound off so you will need to superimpose text over your images so they can follow along without audio.

Summing it Up

painting of 2 donutsBeing an Artist also means you are a Business Owner

Remember if you are going to be a business owner about 40% of your time should be devoted to the running of the business. ie, learning social media and how it works, setting up business accounts, completely filling out your profile informations.

Learn and master social media, SEO, yes you need to know SEO. SEO all blog posts for greater reach.

Follow 3rd Power Creative on Facebook for social media tips and tricks to help you grow your business to the next level.

Good luck on your journey. Being an artist is the most fun and rewarding career you could possibly have.

Joy Bezanis

Blending creativity with marketing for lasting, meaningful connections between brands and audiences. Graphic & Web Designer, and Artist located in Phoenix. Joy Bezanis Design works with small business to create outstanding logo, branding campaigns, websites and more.

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