Design Team


Joy Bezanis. Graphic & Web Design/Video Production, Marketing, Content Creation

Most small business owners struggle to talk about their brand. Our process helps clarify brand message so your company can grow. My design philosophy is deceptively simple. Good design is essential to your business — it will engage more customers and increase your sales. As a graphic designer and illustrator, I work in both digital and traditional media to create illustrations, graphic design, web design and video for small to medium-size businesses and startups. My design philosophy starts with getting to know my clients, so that your message reflects your company’s mission, vision and target demographics.


Photo of Ayana JohnsonAyana Johnson, Typography, Layout, Advertising, Logo Design

Ayana is a graphic designer with a focus on typography, page layout, and logo design. They also work with company branding and creating advertising materials. They graduated from The Art Institute in 2016, and do freelance work on the side. Ayana is a Arizona native born and raised in Maricopa County, Phoenix. They enjoy watching youtube videos, dungeons and dragons, and also maintain a personal webcomic called “Gleeful Exaggeration” in their spare time.”


Katie Stone, Illustrator, PhotosPhoto of Kaitlyn hop expert, Web Development, Social Media Marketing

Katie is a graphic designer with a focus on illustration, Photoshop, and Social Media Marketing.  She also is a wiz at website development. She graduated from the Art Institute in 2017 and does freelance work on the side. She is an Arizona native and lives on a farm where she tends to the animals.