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Casino Malware: You’ve Been Hacked!

Casino Malware had infected our website. Recently 3rd Power Creative (3PC) had an issue where our blog links were redirected to Casino sites. We had installed the Recent Posts widget in the footer of our web page. All was good until we noticed that instead of our blog posts showing, various casino sites were displayed instead. Our sites internal and external inks had also been redirected to casino sites. We had been hacked by a malicious redirect code that was imbedded into our programming. Our site was compromised.

We immediately deleted the Widget and reinstalled it. That didn’t get rid of the issue. The casino sites kept coming back. So we deleted it and added a different widget in its place.

We don’t know where the casino malware came from but suspect that it came from one of the comments on our site by people from foreign countries, which are mostly Russian in origin. 

We attempted to run a malware program, but we were unsuccessful. At that point we turned to the WordPress technicians at Godaddy and installed Sucuri Virus an Anti-Malware program. It was a $200 expense but worth every penny. Once Sucuri located the virus and removed it, we then installed a stronger firewall.

We also had to reinsert all our internal and external links into the website. And to ensure that we didn’t get reinfected, we deleted all previous backups. Finally, we backed up the site again and this solved the issue!

We have always had a spam filter on our website, however, developers are having a difficult time keeping up with hackers and some get through despite our best efforts. Our advice to you is to never open a foreign comment. We didn’t. Never respond to them, and certainly never open a link in one of them. What we do now, and have always done, is mark them as spam. Then we delete our span filter and the trash. If you are updating your site weekly, then this only takes a couple of minutes.

As much as we don’t like paying someone else to do the work for us, we realize that at times it is necessary. Our lesson learned is never be afraid to ask for help. No site is completely secure. And every experience is a learning experience. 

If you have experienced similar issues we would be glad to hear how you dealt with it. 

Until then, thanks for reading.

The Team at 3PC

Joy, Ayana & Katie

Katie Stone

Katie is a graphic designer with a focus on illustration, Photoshop, and Social Media Marketing. She also is a wiz at website development. She graduated from the Art Institute in 2017 and does freelance work on the side. She is an Arizona native who grew up on a farm where she still helps her parents tend to the animals.

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