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5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Use Instagram

Real Estate Agents Rejoice! 90% of Millennials and Gen Z people want to be a homeowner and you can find them on Instagram. Instagram is also the perfect visual platform for posting images of your listings, homes sold, and general educational information about buying and selling homes.nFollow these simple rules to attract more buyers:

1. Show off your Current Listings: Use different content formats to show several views of your property and highlight what makes it unique. Video, Reels, and Slide Shows are all perfect for home tours.

2. Show Future Listings that are on your horizon: Get people intrigued about what you have coming up for sale. This is a great incentive for prospective home buyers to follow you. 

3. Provide real estate tips and hot trends: Show articles from popular magazines or videos from real estate shows and blog posts showing what is trending in the Real Estate market.

4. Get Personal: While branding your business on Instagram, let clients get to know you by posting yourself in a few photos at the home you have for sale. Show your success (standing by a sold sign), with a happy customer, etc. Highlight local businesses, schools and cultural amenities in different neighborhoods. Post photos of a local park (perhaps with your children on a slide), visiting the outside of a museum, or other sites locals love to visit. Showcase a neighborhood ice cream shop that has a noteworthy sundae with a photo of you and others sharing it. 

5. Promote Your Brand: It all comes back to your brand on Instagram. Introduce future customers to your business so the customer feels they know you before stepping into your office. Promote upcoming events and invite people to show up. Make it a “special” event, so your Instagram followers feel they are getting a preview that is not available to anyone else! Highlight what makes you unique, maybe a photo of you and your pet, showing you work with pets in a rental situation. 

Get creative with Instagram Reels, create slide shows and do live videos. Most of all; educate and inform your clients. Adding a little humor is a great way to make your post memorable too. 


Katie Stone

Katie is a graphic designer with a focus on illustration, Photoshop, and Social Media Marketing. She also is a wiz at website development. She graduated from the Art Institute in 2017 and does freelance work on the side. She is an Arizona native who grew up on a farm where she still helps her parents tend to the animals.

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